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Finding the best internet in Montreal can be difficult but finding one that suits you at a good price is even more difficult. That’s why has decided to dedicate this article to the best ISP in Montreal according to three profiles that we have defined according to your consumption. Best Internet Montreal : Choose the profile that best suits you !


Economic Internet plan

You use the Internet to check your mails and from time to time to search on the web. A basic package is more than enough for you. We recommend the internet package offered by ZID Telecom available by cable or DSL.

The cheapest cable Internet plan


Cable Internet Package – $23.95 Per Month | 5Mbps | 75 GB

Download speed: 5 Mbps

Data: 75 GB

Price: $23.95/month

The cheapest DSL Internet plan


DSL Internet Package – $27.95 Per Month | 6Mbps | 100 GB

Download Speed: 6 Mbps

Data: 100 GB

Price: $27.95/month

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The best value for your money

If you like to communicate with your friends on your social media or watch the occasional series on Netflix the following gare the best ISP in Montreal for you. B2B2C with their cable package for $32.95 per month or the Ebox fiber package, which is the same price, $32.95 per month.

The best cable Internet plan in Montreal

Freedom mobile

Cable Internet Package – $32.95 Per Month | 10Mbps | 150 GB

Download speed: 10 Mbps

Data: 150 GB

Price: $32.95/month

The best Fiber plan in Montreal

Freedom mobile

Fiber Internet Package – $32.95 Per Month | 10Mbps | 150 GB

Download Speed: 10 Mbps

Data: 150 GB

Price: $32.95/month

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Unlimited Internet Plans

You’re always connected and need the fastest internet in Montreal. You listen to streaming music on Spotify or Apple Music, you watch movies on Netflix or videos on Youtube, you play video games online. In short, the Internet is as vital to you as water. We recommend Vmedia’s unlimited cable package at $79.95 or Comwave’s unlimited fiber package at $89.95.

The best unlimited cable Internet package in Montreal

Cable Internet Package – $79.95 Per Month | 200 Mbps | unlimited internet

Download speed: 200 Mbps

Data: unlimited

Price: $79.95

The best Unlimited Internet by Fiber package in Montreal

Fiber Internet Plan – $89.95 Per Month | 250 Mbps | Unlimited Internet

Download Speed: 200 Mbps

Data: Unlimited

Price: $89.95

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For this article we have compared the offers of the Internet operators available in Montreal. You can find the complete list of providers available in Montreal below:


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