List of cities for the province British Columbia in Canada

British Columbia is the most Western province in Canada. As a result, it yields beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean. In addition, the country's Rocky Mountains are spread across the province. Thus, British Columbia offers extensive views of both the land and the sea. B.C. is a necessary destination for any fan of nature or sports. The province contains gorgeous trails in Squamish, Kelowna and more. Alternatively, Whistler is one of the country's most beloved skiing destinations. Of course, B.C. is so much more than its nature sites. With a population of over five million, the province also contains one of the country's most populous cities: Vancouver. Vancouver contains one of the country's most diverse populations. With residents from all over the world, it is considered one of the greatest hubs for authentic cuisine in the entire country. Nearly half of the province's population lives within the Greater Vancouver Area. The city still boasts incredible views of the mountains and oceans, as well as cultural events, an exciting downtown region, and prestigious universities. British Columbia is a great destination due to its breathtaking nature, diverse culture and unique urban metropolis.

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