The best deals on Moto G Pure in Canada

Looking for the best deals on Moto G Pure? You’ve come to the right place. Finding a good deal on a device you want is not easy. There’s multiple things to consider - upfront payment vs monthly installments, BYOD vs device financing, to 5G or not to 5G and which carrier and data amount to choose. And all this also depends upon which province you live in.

To make this choice easy for you, we have taken a detailed look, not just at the specs, reviews and pro and cons of the Moto G Pure but also at all the deals currently on offer for Moto G Pure in Canada to help you make the most informed decision.


Screen Size: 6.5"
Screen Resolution: 720 x 1600
Camera: 13MP wide lens and 2MP depth lens on the rear, with a 5MP selfie camera
Operating System: Android
RAM memory: 3 GB


As Motorola's newest budget phone, the Moto G Pure aims to provide an intuitive smartphone experience at an affordable price. Its camera, battery, display and performance are all solid, but not groundbreaking. If you don't need all the latest tech features of modern smartphones, the Moto G Pure could be right up your alley. It's a great starter smartphone that will save you lots of money.

Release date

October 14, 2021

Overall, the Moto G Pure's specs are nothing impressive. Its display, storage, camera and RAM all pale in comparison to the industry standard. Still, this phone is not trying to compete with the latest and greatest smartphones. Instead, it is trying to offer a simplified cell phone experience. Fortunately, it succeeds in doing so. The G Pure is a solid first device for new smartphone users. Even further, the price makes it highly appealing for even the most experienced cell phone users.

  1. Rear Fingerprint Scanner: While modern smartphones continue to rely on facial recognition technology, the Moto G Pure includes a traditional fingerprint scanner on the back of the device.
  2. Price: Canadians can expect to pay a mere $200 for a brand new Moto G Pure. Alternatively, you could end up paying $16 per month if you choose to finance it over two years.

  1. Storage: The Moto G Pure only comes in one storage model: 32GB. This could be a bummer for customers willing to spend more money for more space.
  2. Charging: Despite a battery which lasts around 12 hours, the Moto G Pure does not include fast charging.

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