Digicom's Internet plans in Quebec

Download speed Monthly usage Upfront payment Average monthly price over 2 years For 2 years
5 Mbps DSL/FTTN Download speed Unlimited Monthly usage $65 Upfront payment $62.66 Average monthly price over 2 years $1503.80 For 2 years
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Network (Stability, coverage, speed, dropped calls…)
Bill (Transparency, clarity, aligned with contract…)
Digital experience (Application and/or website are simple, clear, efficient and useful…)
Onboarding experience (Phone number port-in, activation, delivery, installation…)
Customer Service (Helpful, knowledgeable, able to solve a problem, prompt and courteous…)
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Stability, coverage, speed, dropped calls…
Transparency, clarity, aligned with contract…
Digital experience
Application and/or website are simple, clear, efficient and useful…
Onboarding experience
Phone number port-in, activation, delivery, installation…
Customer Service
Helpful, knowledgeable, able to solve a problem, prompt and courteous…
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Digicom https://www.planhub.ca/img/logo/digicom.png 1 4.6
Digicom's Internet plans in Quebec
Digicom https://www.planhub.ca/img/logo/digicom.png

Good service quite reliable


More about Digicom

Date of fondation


Network Coverage



Founded in 1995, Digicom is one of the first Internet access provider in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region. Digicom has solidified its status as a true pioneer in its field by successfully completing the installation of networks serving thousands of users across many regions of Quebec. Digicom has shown its know-how and its skills in the conception, construction and marketing of wireless high-speed Internet networks.


Digicom's wireless Internet gives you all the required efficiency of your activities. In addition, Digicom offers you the possibility to add GB blocks to your package, and at any time during the month.

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