Internet plans SwitchWorks in Quebec

SwitchWorks Residential High Speed Internet
6 Mbps - DSL/FTTN
Upfront $50.00
Monthly $49.05
Total 2 years $1227.20
Monthly price detail
SwitchWorks Residential High Speed Internet $39.95
Dry loop cost $9.10
Total $49.05
Upfront payment detail
Installation fees $50.00
Total $50.00
Upload speed : 0.8 Mbps
  • Technology: DSL/FTTN

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Southern Ontario


SwitchWorks is a Canadian-based company based in Toronto since 1988. Today, SwitchWorks provides Internet and telephone services to residential customers, small businesses, and large corporations and organizations in southern Ontario. Their priority is to provide reliable, high quality services and first-class customer service to all their customers.


Switchworks offers a bundle starting at $ 39.95 with download speeds of up to 6 Mbits allowing you to download, watch videos or play games as much as you want.


Switchworks offers a wide choice of phone packages from the simplest (Freedom Basic at $ 19.95) to the most advanced (Classic duo at $ 109.95).

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