National Capital FreeNet Internet: Community Built

Back in 1992, a few friends at Carleton University came up with the idea to build a quick and affordable internet network that customers could choose over the industry giants. As a result, National Capital FreeNet was born. Since its establishment, it has grown into a successful non-profit provider, dedicated to keeping Ottawa connected.

National Capital FreeNet

National Capital FreeNet Internet Plans

All National Capital FreeNet internet plans are offered with unlimited data usage. Their plans are available as either DSL or cable internet. Residents can get access to download speeds as low as 6Mbps and as high as 1024Mbps.

Internet Speed Test National Capital FreeNet

You want to evaluate the speed of your internet connection and know what would be the ideal internet plan? Click on the Go button below and try our internet speed test! To learn more, visit the page dedicated to our speed test.

About National Capital FreeNet internet

National Capital FreeNet has a substantial network in Canada and supplies a large customer base nationwide. Soon, we will be publishing detailed information about the company's history.