Telnet Communications

Telnet Internet: Proudly Canadian

For over 20 years, Telnet has proudly served Quebec and Ontario with telecom services. They currently offer home phone and internet services to residents and businesses in both provinces. Telnet internet is available as either cable or DSL at decent prices. You should consider a plan from Telnet if you want something right in the middle - not too much internet data, for not too much money.

Telnet Communications

What to Expect From Telnet Internet Plans

All Telnet internet plans offer unlimited internet usage, with the option to add home phone service for an additional $5 a month. Currently, there are seven different Telnet internet packages available on their website. Their cheapest plan costs $54.95 and offers a download speed of 15Mbps. Alternatively, their priciest plan costs $94.95 in exchange for 250Mbps download speed.

Available plans

Telnet's History

Telnet was founded in 1995. Since their inception, they have aimed to simplify the telecom experience. By removing the complex experience of purchasing a plan, they hope to offer a more simplified service than Canada's major telecom companies.