The best deals on Doro 824c in Canada

Looking for the best deals on Doro 824c? You’ve come to the right place. Finding a good deal on a device you want is not easy. There’s multiple things to consider - upfront payment vs monthly installments, BYOD vs device financing, to 5G or not to 5G and which carrier and data amount to choose. And all this also depends upon which province you live in.

To make this choice easy for you, we have taken a detailed look, not just at the specs, reviews and pro and cons of the Doro 824c but also at all the deals currently on offer for Doro 824c in Canada to help you make the most informed decision.


Screen Size: 5"
Screen Resolution: 720 x 1280
Camera: 8MP rear camera, 2MP front facing camera
Operating System: Android
RAM memory: 1 GB


Doro's 824c is designed for accessible use. Its touch screen, buttons, and text-to-speech technology are meant to simplify the smartphone experience

Release date

March 8, 2016

The Doro 824c is lacking in many important specs like camera, storage, and performance. Despite this, it still offers a number of interesting features. The ability to provide a mobile hotspot and connect to LTE networks is highly impressive for a hybrid phone like this.

  1. Price: The Doro 824c is highly affordable when compared to other smartphones on the market.
  2. Accessibility: A number of the 824c's features are meant to provide a simplified experience, which new smartphone users will greatly appreciate.

  1. Specs: When compared to the latest smartphones, the 824c falls short in every category.
  2. Buttons: Instead of a keyboard, the Doro 824c includes 18 tactile buttons. This leaves texting with the touch screen, or the few buttons. Both these options may not be the most practical for customers.