Where to find the cheapest Doro 824c in Quebec?

Doro 824c

Doro 824c
Brand Doro
OS Android
  • 4 GB

Doro 824c at the best price

Smartphone Plan : Canada-Wide calling | 2GB | Unlimited Calls available in Quebec Bell Mobility
Unlimited Calls
2 GB
$279.99 upfront payment
Link not provided
Monthly price detail

Plan "Smartphone Plan : Canada-Wide calling | 2GB | Unlimited Calls"

Total $60.40
Price detail for 2 years
Plan and add-ons $1,449.60
Doro 824c
with contract
Activation fee $30.00
Total $1,729.59
Doro 824c
with contract
upfront payment : $279.99

Included in plan
  • Unlimited text message
  • Call display
  • Voicemail

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