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As one of the major providers in Central Canada, SaskTel has supplied Canadians with telecom services for decades. With SaskTel TV, they offer rapid streaming in a straightforward manner. With their unique maxTV technology, SaskTel packages streaming, on demand and hundreds of channels into a simplified interface. If you're looking for a streamlined approach to modern television, consider purchasing one of many SaskTel TV bundles.
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Sasktel TV Plans

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maxTV Standard

65 basic channels
HD recorder

maxTV Must Haves

95 basic channels
HD recorder

maxTV Next Level

120 basic channels
3 premium channels
HD recorder

maxTV Fully Loaded

165 basic channels
3 premium channels
HD recorder

maxTV Lite

18 basic channels

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Sasktel Technology

Want to find a provider that offers Satellite TV, or experience the speeds of fibre optic technology? Check out the list below of Sasktel Technology available from this provider.

Sasktel TV Channels

Sasktel TV channels : Want to know more about Sasktel's channel lineup? Browse the list of all available Sasktel TV channels and see if your favourite channels are available from this operator.

Sasktel TV Reviews


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Sasktel https://www.planhub.ca/img/logo/internet/sasktel.png 405 Av. Ogilvy Suite: 101 Montréal QC H3N 1M3 +15149527325 $$ 3 2.6

When I ordered TV, I was told the first bill would be $85, it was $500


The worst wifi services I once used, and I will never use it!!!
Don't believe their agreement, you signed at $55, then will rise to $109 per month, just for 20mb wifi. The internet speed is very slow, and if you want to stop, they will tell you there is a two-year limitation!

Besides, if you forgot to pay, no reminder, just stop suddenly!


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