Internet Lightspeed: The Freedom of High-Speed Internet

Based in Burnaby, Internet Lightspeed has served Canadians for over 25 years. Above anything else, Lightspeed is focused on providing a simplified internet experience that customers can appreciate. If you want unlimited internet at fixed prices with zero contracts or credit checks, consider a plan with Internet Lightspeed.


What to Know About Lightspeed Internet Plans

Lightspeed internet plans are available as fibre, cable or DSL. This way, customers have access to both intense high-speed plans for families as well as less intensive ones for individuals. If you need a high-speed plan for intense gaming or a casual plan for surfing the web, you’re sure to find plenty of Lightspeed internet packages suited for you.

Internet Speed Test Internet LIGHTSPEED

You want to evaluate the speed of your internet connection and know what would be the ideal internet plan? Click on the Go button below and try our internet speed test! To learn more, visit the page dedicated to our speed test.

About Internet LIGHTSPEED internet

Internet LIGHTSPEED has a substantial network in Canada and supplies a large customer base nationwide. Soon, we will be publishing detailed information about the company's history.