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Cik Telecom's TV service provides channels in English, French and Mandarin nationwide. Although they offer various themed collections of channels, Cik Tel packages are mostly picked and chosen by the user. Fortunately, you can add as many channels as you like, for varying fees. If you'd be interested in a strong cable service that values diversity, Cik Tel's television bundles are worth looking into.

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CIK Telecom

CIK Telecom TV Plans

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Skinny Basic

30 basic channels

Not so Skinny Basic

40 basic channels

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CIK Telecom Technology

Want to find a provider that offers Satellite TV, or experience the speeds of fibre optic technology? Check out the list below of CIK Telecom Technology available from this provider.

CIK Telecom TV Channels

CIK Telecom TV channels : Want to know more about CIK Telecom's channel lineup? Browse the list of all available CIK Telecom TV channels and see if your favourite channels are available from this operator.

CIK Telecom TV Reviews


94 reviews

Still undecided? Consult some reviews from other users. This way, you'll have a better understanding of CIK Telecom TV's pros and cons. All our CIK Telecom TV Reviews are authentic reviews from current and former CIK Telecom customers. These users left reviews on PlanHub in order to help out the community.

CIK Telecom https://www.planhub.ca/img/logo/internet/cik-telecom.png 405 Av. Ogilvy Suite: 101 Montréal QC H3N 1M3 +15149527325 $$ 94 2.9
CIK Telecom

CIK Telecom was amazing. I was able to get the best internet plan at an affordable price. The customer service was always fast, friendly, and efficient, which is a lot better than some of the other providers.

CIK Telecom

Very happy with everything so far. One thing I will like to mention is that I am very impressed with their customer service. Even before I joined and the first few weeks after I joined, I called them so many times to ask lots of questions and all my concerns were taken care of. the internet quality is more than decent for my family of 6 with all of our devices. strongly recommend!!

CIK Telecom

Affordable and reliable.

CIK Telecom

I came across CIK Telecom because of a promotion they had in my friend's condo building in Mississauga. CIK was promoting their new fibre services and my friend had signed up. I asked the rep over there if this would be available in my building in Etobicoke since it was such a great deal for 1Gbps unlimited internet for $35. Unfortunately, they did not have fibre access in my building and I could More