VMedia TV

Vmedia TV is available across the country. Their IPTV service introduces over 100 channels into your home at rapid speeds. To cater to your personal taste, Vmedia packages are offered in a variety of sizes and content. Additionally, their television services can be paired with their internet. If you want diverse channels at high speeds, look into one of Vmedia's TV bundles.


VMedia TV Plans

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31 basic channels


44 basic channels
HD recorder

Grand Premium

100 basic channels
HD recorder

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VMedia Technology

Want to find a provider that offers Satellite TV, or experience the speeds of fibre optic technology? Check out the list below of VMedia Technology available from this provider.

VMedia TV Channels

VMedia TV channels : Want to know more about VMedia's channel lineup? Browse the list of all available VMedia TV channels and see if your favourite channels are available from this operator.

VMedia TV Reviews


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