Northwest Territories

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Located right above Alberta and Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories is a massive piece of land with a population of around 45,000. It offers some of the country's greatest natural landscapes, wildlife and vegetation. The territory's capital Yellowknife is the most populous area of the territory. As a result, telecom services are not available in the entire territory.

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Northwest Territories - Canada

Northwest Territories

Telecom Companies in Northwest Territories

Due to many regions having harsh winter climates, only a limited number of providers offer their services in the Noorthwest Territories. Even so, the entire region is not covered by these companies. Hopefully, future endeavours will aim to provide the entire territory with mobility services. Until then, here are the most important telecom companies residents can access.

Telecommunication services in Northwest Territories

Regardless of ther weather conditions, residents can still take advantage of numerous telecom services. Check out our full list of telecommunication services in Northwest Territories below.

Mobile Plans in Northwest Territories

In need of a new phone plan but you don't know where to start? With so many options, it can often feel tough. Fortunately, PlanHub can help you find your ideal plan. By learning about all the territory's plans, you can easily sift through the one's you don't feel attached to, and find the perfect one in a matter of minutes!

Best cell phone plans Bring Your Own Phone (BYOD) in Northwest Territories, Canada for 2023

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Last updated 21 September 2023

This is a selection of cell phone plans we consider to be the best right now according to popularity, pricing and customer satisfaction. Prices and availability can vary greatly depending on your location so make sure you are located in Northwest Territories. The plans below are the absolute best plans we’ve found in Northwest Territories.

This page can only present a limited selection of phone plans. Find all available plans options according to your needs by performing a personalized search.

Cheapest cell phone plans Bring Your Own Phone (BYOD) in Northwest Territories, Canada in 2023

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Last updated 21 September 2023

Cheap cell phone plans in Canada are getting harder to find, as mentioned previously, prices and availability can vary greatly depending on your location so make sure you are located in Northwest Territories. The plans below are the absolute cheapest plans we’ve found in Northwest Territories.

Internet plans in Northwest Territories

High speed internet is a necessity everywhere in Canada. Thankfully, a number of internet plans provide the population with rapid access to the internet.

Coverage Map in Northwest Territories

Ever needed a coverage map in Northwest Territories? We've got you covered. Our map details all the different providers in the territory, as well as which regions can access their services.

Northwest Territories

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Telecommunications FAQ in Northwest Territories

Still have questions that need to be answered? Try reading through our Northwest Territories telecommunications FAQ, there's a good chance that we've already answered it!

One of the main factor when choosing a mobile plan in the Northwest Territories is what you usage need from it.You want to avoid innacurate estimates of your phone usage, so check your monthly phone bill to know exactly how much mobile data and other services you are using up per month.

Prices for mobile plans are depending on providers and may change over the time. Click here to find the best mobile plans in the Northwest Territories.

If you are searching for the best Internet plan in the Northwest Territories, you should try using our internet deals alert system.

When an Internet plan that matches your needs and becomes available at a lower price in your area in the Northwest Territories, you'll get an email from PlanHub with the best internet deals of the moment. The best offers are usually hidden within carriers websites and often the result of different promotions. This makes it harder for the average person to keep track and find the best deals they can get. Leveraging its knowledge of past price trends, PlanHub has created a state-of-the-art algorithm that tracks prices and identifies the best internet plans in the Northwest Territories.

If you're changing phone service providers and stay in the same geographic area in the Northwest Territories, you can keep your actual phone number, usually for free. This process is commonly reffered to as phone number porting and can be done between wireline, IP and wireless providers.

You may request service from a different provider at any time. When switching companies:

  • Review your existing contract. Your contract could contain early termination fees and/or outstanding balances that you are obligated to pay.
  • Do not end your service with your existing provider before initiating new service with another carrier in New Brunswick
  • Contact the new Phone provider to start the process of porting your phone number.
  • Provide the new provider with your 10-digit phone number and any additional information required.

Porting is generally a permanent means of moving a phone number to another provider, as the old account associated with the number will be closed.

There are different reasons why you might want to verify your internet speed in the Northwest Territories. You can be willing to know how your WiFi is performing and therfore discover if you're actually paying the right price for your plan & usage. More over, our speed test also informs you of precisely how much you should be spending on an internet plan.

To get your internet's speed in NewFoundland & Labrador, simply use our online internet speed test tool

An Internet service provider (ISP) is a company that provides services for accessing, using, or participating in the Internet. The ISP is the link or conduit between your computer and all the other “servers” on the Internet. It is often referred to as just “the provider.”

It's crucial, for security matters, that you update your password and name from your default WiFi. To modify you password follow the upcoming instructions:

  • Enter the address into your browser's address bar : Standard router addresses are,,, or (Apple) or (Xfinity).
  • Enter your router's username and password.
  • Open the Wireless section. Once you are connected into your router, you will need to find the Wireless section of the configuration page. The exact name changes from providers to providers, but generally you are looking for a ""Wireless"" or ""Wireless Settings/Setup"" tab or button.
  • Modify the password. Look for the box labeled ""Password"", ""Passphrase"" or ""Shared Key"". You can enter your new password into this box.